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Hainan Province, called "Qiong" for short, is situated in the southernmost of China. Haikou is its capital. Actually it's a big island just like Taiwan and Japan, Since tourism is the major tax income of this island which is bigger than Taiwan, The local government adapt a series of policies to boost tourism industry which include opening policy to prostitution. As a result of this, many hookers go to this island to look for their fortune, the flow of hookers from every corner of mainland China makes this island a paradise for "sexcursion". Men go to Hainan for the following reasons: A variety of girls with the lowest price in China. No harassment by cops. or inspectors.  Lodgings are cheap; how about a 3-4 star hotel for $20-$40. Fresh air, un-polluted seashores and delicious seafood....what are you waiting for?

There are other cities, towns and designated areas that have prostitution on Hainan Island besides the City of Haikou. To go to these places you will have to take a bus or taxi to visit them.  See below for that information.

Construction Street" or "Chicken Road". This is a very bustling area with a lot of shops and street venders. Approximately every 2nd or 3rd storefront has a little shop with 3 to 10 girls hanging out. There must be between 50 and 100 of these places. Inside some of the hotels there are Karaoke rooms. Inside the karaoke rooms are the girls.

Another specialty is the local sauna bath. You pick up the girls in the lounge and go to the room with a big air curtain. The girls do the massage with their boobs exclusively. You may have tried this in Thailand, but in China, it's a different story. The price for a boob massage is $12. If you wanna have sex afterwards it will cost another $12 for the girl and no extra tips.



Short time is around $250 - 300 RMB. Rates vary with the girls.  LT is somewhere around 600 - 800.
$30.00 to high of $85.00. The price has nothing to do with the quality. It usually has to do with your ability to negotiate. 
The going rate for the Red Lake District is RMB $200 or about $25.00.

Imagine a small city, where the crime rate is the lowest in China. (China already has one of the lowest crime rates in the world). There have been no murders for 5 years. Imagine a city that welcomes young ladies from every province in China, legalized prostitution and gambling, and instructs the police to protect and defend these precious treasures. In fact, the Police are fined if they hassle the ladies. Imagine a city where the local taxi drivers are honest, the city streets are clean, the night air is warm, and the food is wonderful.

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